Anna was born and raised in a small town nearby Saint-Petersburg, close to Finnish border. Surrounded by cold waters of Finnish Bay and green dreamy woods, she started to paint and draw before the school. After she moved to Saint-Petersburg with her parents at the age of 10, she started her artistic education at the art school. After graduating, she decided to have a "safe and stabil" education and studied marketing and design. Since 2007 she has been working as a graphic designer and freelance photographer, though never losing her passion to fine arts. 2009 she moved to Basel, Switzerland. 2012 Anna decided to continue her artistic education at well-known Basel School of Design, where she met many new friends and was experimenting with new mediums and techniques, such as printing, etching, collage and illustration. 2014 she started her way as a film photographer. At the same time Anna continues developing her artistic style, using watercolor, acrylics and oil paint, finally feeling enough freedom to paint abstract, as she always wanted to.
Anna describes her artistic style as an intuitive abstract painting, based on her visual experience, gathered together from everyday life, travel impressions, her knowledge about composition and color combining. Her main source of inspiration is a natural world, as well as the process of human eye's perception of colors in different light situations. 
Anna's work combines different mediums and techniques, she works mostly on canvas and paper, using acrylics, watercolor, gouache, oil paint, many types of pastels and color pencils. 


Anna is opened to new collaborations, group and solo exhibition, such as murals and private commissions.


- 2015, Grafik15 Exhibition, Switzerland

- 2017, Colors Exhibition, Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, Switzerland